Rugs Buying Tips

Should You or Shouldn t You Use an Under Pad for Oriental Rugs?

A distinctive touch in any home, oriental rugs impart warmth and beauty. It is the softness of the texture, adding tactile pleasure underfoot, combined with the richness of the hues that provides a pervasive sense of opulence. In short, this is an area rug that transcends mere style; oriental rugs are elegant statement pieces in home decor.

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Area Rug, What is Your Style?

There are many different kinds of area rugs. When you are incorporating these pieces into your home d cor, you want to find a style that will complement your tastes and lifestyle. Here is some information that will help you decipher what area rug will work best in your home.

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5 Key Elements of Good Interior Design

Good interior design consists of five key elements, which keep the home flowing properly. When planning a room renovation or remodel, it is important to understand the best furnishings and accessories to include. Here are a few tips to keep your home decor fresh and interesting.  read more

Choosing the Best Area Rug for Your Space

Elegant and inviting, an area rug injects a touch of luxury into any setting s interior design. Whether it is their tactile beauty, adding a distinctive air to your home d cor, or the often overlooked impact these rugs can have on even the most contemporary office d cor, their ability to imbue a room or office with warmth and style makes them ideal decorative accents. Choosing the best one for your space is simply a matter of matching your overall design aesthetic with the mood you would like to create.  read more

Secrets to Finding the Perfect Rug

If you are looking for the perfect rug for your home or office, you may find it difficult to decide which color, pattern, design or shape best suits the space. The secret to finding that perfect rug lies with you your own sense of beauty, taste, d cor and budget. Working with a reputable carpet showroom is just as important. Experienced staff can help you select pieces that are perfect for each space and complement the interior design of your office or residence.  read more

Area Rugs You Will Love, Just In Time For Those Colder Nights

A plush rug can provide energy savings and comfort. This is possible because the material lowers the amount of heat that is needed to stay warm on cold days. On the coldest days, you can walk on cold floors comfortably because the rug will create a warm barrier under your feet. However, to keep your toes tepid throughout the winter, you must educate yourself before you start shopping at Medallion Rug Gallery read more

Area Rugs – The Perfect Christmas Gift

When the Christmas season rolls around with all of the celebrating, caroling and good eating, one important thing is on the minds of all of the people who take part in this holiday. Part of the holiday season is giving your friends and loved ones the gifts that they love, and when you are dealing with people who seem to have everything, finding the right gift can be a little troublesome. This year, instead of spending hours figuring out what your people love, consider area rugs instead.  read more

Prepare Your Fall Home for Winter s Return

In the fall, you may want to keep your beautiful floors bare, but when the winter winds start howling, your artistic sensibility and your chilly spaces are going to long for something a little bit different! A home is made up of more than just gorgeous timbers, bricks and plaster, and this is where Area Rugs come in. These large and beautiful rugs set the tone for your home by providing it with a texture that wood and stone can’t match, and when you want to consider true luxury, the only two real options are wool or silk.  read more

An Area Rug Evokes More Space In The Room Nice Touch!

Perhaps it’s a genetic memory from our nomadic ancestors, or simply a reaction against the tiny studio apartments in which many of us spent our early 20s. Whatever the origins, it seems almost everybody wishes they had a bigger home, with more space and larger rooms. An area rug can be the perfect solution, expanding your room’s apparent size.  read more