Rug Care

Should You or Shouldn t You Use an Under Pad for Oriental Rugs?

A distinctive touch in any home, oriental rugs impart warmth and beauty. It is the softness of the texture, adding tactile pleasure underfoot, combined with the richness of the hues that provides a pervasive sense of opulence. In short, this is an area rug that transcends mere style; oriental rugs are elegant statement pieces in home decor.

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Handmade Rugs Contain Many Different Motifs Woven with Exquisite Colors

Skilled craftspeople create Handmade rugs using a variety of colors and motifs (themes). The wide range of colors and motifs available in Area Rugs means that the deorating tastes of almost any consumer can be satisfied. read more

Give Your Favorite Rug the Attention It Deserves

When it comes to interior design, the value of an area rug cannot be overestimated. While it’s clearly an accent to your furnishings, a rug serves other decorative purposes as well. It’s at once a beautiful counterpoint to your home s dominant colors or style and a cohesive element that ties even disparate pieces of your home decor together based on color, pattern or design style. Briefly put, an area rug defines your style.

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Options to Care for and Repair Your Area Rug

A beautiful area rug can transform your home. Like any work of art, a quality rug requires maintenance and occasional repair as it ages. Understanding how to take care of your rug can help you keep it looking new for decades. If you’re a new rug owner, here are a few basic rug maintenance facts to help you get started.  read more

The 8 Best Things You Can Do to Your Area Rug

When you purchase a quality area rug, you want to protect your investment with proper care so that it provides years of interest to your home decor. In order to preserve your rug, here are eight tips to keep it looking fresh and new.  read more

Manufacturers Are Incorporating “green” Methods in to the making of carpet

Chemical emissions, air quality, and solid waste are environmental and health concerns that result from carpets.

In the United States, more than a billion pounds of carpet materials end up in landfills. Manufacturers are using better manufacturing methods because bulky carpets create handling and collection issues for waste operation companies.  read more

Caring for Your Carpet, Procedures for Emergency Stain Removal

Beautiful Floor Coverings

Area rugs provide a lot of beauty for different rooms in your home or business in addition to providing warmth while protecting underlying surfaces. Rugs are perfect because the items are easy to move around to create a new d cor or clean when dirty. The fibers in a rug collect debris such as pollen, pet hair and food particles that lead to stains that require removal.

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Indoor Air Quality and Carpet

Some people are hesitant to buy carpets or area rugs because they believe that it will negatively effect the air quality in the home or business. However, this doesn’t have to be true.  read more