A distinctive touch in any home, oriental rugs impart warmth and beauty. It is the softness of the texture, adding tactile pleasure underfoot, combined with the richness of the hues that provides a pervasive sense of opulence. In short, this is an area rug that transcends mere style; oriental rugs are elegant statement pieces in home decor.

For that reason, interior designers, installing these area rugs in the finest homes, seek to preserve their innate beauty, thereby enabling many of the rugs to become heirloom pieces. To achieve this, a rug pad is essential. While it may be perceived as an unnecessary expense, particularly when the area rug in question is quite plush, the merits of rug pads make them well worth consideration.

The primary purpose of a rug pad is to extend the life of the rug. Hand Woven and designed with a series of hand-tied knots on the back, an oriental rug can become loosely woven over time as foot traffic causes the knots to unravel. This is where the pad comes in. Anchoring the rug in place, it prevents the knots from rubbing against the floor as the rug is walked on, lengthening the life of the rug by as much as 40 percent.

An additional consideration is slippage. Without rug pads, area rugs placed directly on the floor have a tendency to slip and slide, potentially becoming a hazard to anyone walking on it. Pads hold the rugs securely in place, avoiding the possibility of slipping.

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