Skilled craftspeople create Handmade rugs using a variety of colors and motifs (themes). The wide range of colors and motifs available in Area Rugs means that the deorating tastes of almost any consumer can be satisfied.

Both the background color and the border color are important. In fact, an Area Rug is always identified by color. Motifs are put on a solid background color that’s surrounded by a border. The solid color and the background color may or may not be the same. Common background colors are blue, beige, red and yellow. Common border colors are blue, red, beige, yellow and green.

The richness of the color Handmade rugs is possible because the carpet makers choose the best dyes that are available to them. (And rug experts who examine the colors can often tell in what region of what country a rug was made.) Since the borders are usually elaborately decorated, picking out the background color may sometimes be difficult. However, people can usually identify the background color by deciding which color leaps out at them.

Carpet motifs are many. In fact, there is no limit to them. Their meaning may be simple or complicated. Objects used in typical motifs are plants and flowers. Less common are animals and people. Since some motifs have deep meaning, they are difficult for the uninitiated to understand. After all, some motifs are about subjects such as tribes and clans, fertility and spirituality. The pattern how lines form shapes in which the motif is presented affects the overall look of the rug. Patterns for motifs are (1) geometric shapes (2) curved shapes and (3) pictoral shapes, as used, for example, to depict humans and animals.

Visting an online store or a showroom that has thousands of Area rugs will help consumers choose exactly the rug that s right for them. While some customers are looking for a rug to decorate their living space, others see a rug as an investment. People who are considering buying a high-quality Area Rug should visit Medallion Rug Gallery. Established more than 30 years ago, this family-owned business that has its headquarters in Palo Alto, California, offers customers imported handmade and handwoven quality rugs from Pakistan, Iran, India, China and other countries. Medallion Rug Gallery has locations in 34 states and the District of Columbia.

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