Area rugs come in all shapes, sizes, and patterns. High quality rugs act as artwork on the floor and bring value to a space.Learning some interior design tips will help you select the best rug and enhance your home decor.

Less is More

In a hallway or entrance, it is important to choose an area rug with the correct width. The piece should measure a few inches less than the walls. Adding a rug that is too large will overload the space and make it seem smaller than its actual dimensions.

Consider Texture

The feel of a rug influences the essence of a room. A wool rug brings warmth to a space and offsets hardwood floors that are smooth and shiny. This is important to remember in places where the family gathers and desires a cozy atmosphere.

Proper Placement

An interior designer will explain that rug placement is essential. For instance, if you decide to decorate with a round rug in a foyer, it should be centered under the light fixture. In a home office, the rug should be large enough to fit under the desk and chair. Besides adding balance to the space, it prevents the chair from dragging or tipping over the edges.

Sometimes, a rug’s placement makes a statement better than the rug itself. To grab the eye in the livingroom, it is a fun idea to lay a patterned rectangular rug at an angle with the couch. This helps the item anchor the room without being overpowering.

Double the Fun

In a very big space, a small rug will get lost on the floor. It is better to choose a larger rug with bright colors so that it grabs an onlooker’s attention. It is also possible to choose two smaller rugs to divide the room into separate areas.

Match Shapes

When selecting a rug, it is important to consider the shape of the furniture inside the room. In a dining room, it is best to match the shape of the rug with the shape of the table. Placing a round rug beneath a round table softens the feel of the space.

Adding accessories to a room can turn a boring space into something interesting. Besides drapery and furniture, a rug is a functional and beautiful way to bring excitement to a home. When you are searching for the perfect rug,Medallion Rug Galleryoffers the largest selection of affordable handmade pieces.

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